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Having some Input lag Issues with Mega Man Legacy Collection

Hey guys,

HUGE Mega Man fan here. I bought the Legacy Collection 1 (On PC) a while ago and just started to play through Mega Man 1 and 2 a few times. I also love recreating all the imperfections that old consoles and CRT TVs had back in the day, as I feel these add some charm to these games (Not to mention, some artists accounted for the faults of CRTs when drawing 2D art).

I started playing on my standard computer monitor, an "everyday" 1280x1024 res monitor made by Gateway and I used the "TV" filter to re-create an old school CRT TV. Everything seemed to be working fine.

Then, I tried switching over to my Samsung JU7100, with Game Mode turned on, as well as Sharp and Dynamic Contrast turned to 0/Off respectively. According to rtings...

I should be getting 26.1 ms of input lag (The monitor is 16 ms of input lag.), yet, I can definitely feel an increase in input lag on the TV compared to the monitor, to the point where I'm playing worse. Vsync was turned on in both instances of monitor and TV play, so I don't understand why the input lag is noticeably worse on the TV. 10 ms difference shouldn't be causing that much difference.

Also, I seemed to be having issues using the "TV" filter on the Samsung as well (3840x2160 res). In parts of the game with sprite flickering (The spike pressers in Metal Man's stage or the 3 big dogs in Wood Man's stage, for example.) parts of the sprites, and even the entirety of Mega Man himself, were completely disappearing, rather than flickering. Also, there was heavy motion blur (Especially on Mega Man), the scanlines couldn't be seen at all, and there was some video noise. All of these problems weren't seen on my monitor, although I assume some of them are supposed to be part of the TV filter.

So I guess my questions are as follows...

Why is the TV filter acting so different (Possibly worse) on the TV vs. monitor? Am I supposed to alter my resolution or some other video setting? I admit it has been a long time since I watched something from a CRT TV, and this is my first attempt at trying to emulate a CRT TV on old school games, so I could be speaking from ignorance here.

Why am I apparently getting a lot more than 10 ms of input lag on my TV? I pass the video / audio signal from my PC to my TV with a 25 foot 18 GBps HDMI cable if that makes any difference.

Thanks for any and all responses!

Additional details...

CPU = Intel i7 2700K @ 3.5 GHz
GPU = Nvidia GTX 660

Monitor is a LCD and the TV is a LED.

I tried reducing the video signal sent by the graphics card to just 1080p, and I tried both the keyboard and the controller. I'm still getting roughly 0.25 seconds of input lag.
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