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Is Xbox One X really worth it for 4K?

The same game side by side, one in regular 1080 and the other 4k, is the 4k version really that much better? Is it truly 4k? Thank you.
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X1X, is true 4K if the game is 4K. There is a list available...

Resolution isn't the only thing you gain, HDR typically comes with 4k so its 2 for 1. Yes 4K is worth it alone, with 4K HDR you gain more pixels images are sharper, cleaner. HDR offers wider color gamut, with brighter bright & darker darks. I honestly think its more of the TV you have, cheap TV's = cheap results, premium TV's deliver the full experience. The X1X can also down sample meaning take a 4K assets and blend them with 1080p, making native 1080p look fuzzy in comparison. I have Titan fall 2 with 4k, The Division (HUGE improvement over the standard non 4k assets) Halo, Gears of war, all the staple X games. There are so many approved 4k HDR games on X1X, with the ability to down-sample them is crazy good for any 1080p players, with the option of 120hz is just nuts. Pony's get slapped on their fake 4k console.

With that said I also have a Oppo-203 player, which kills the X1X 4k player, Oppo allows much greater depth in the same image, including Dolby Vision via disc, currently the X1X can only stream DV via apps, which for 90% of most folks is less than ideal given the internet band width required to watch true 4K HDR DV.

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Xbox One X is the only gaming console currently available on the market that can output true 4K resolution. On top of that, as @cmcamaro1991 said, you get HDR which improves colors. That coupled with extreme sharpness and smooth gameplay, not to mention safe gaming community with no fear of your credit card info going into the wrong hands, and you'll be one happy gamer. PS4 Pro peasants are holding onto their exclusives, but see them dropping them dollars and saying how you can have both just so they can justify the purchase of their inferior device. What about PC Master Race you say? Well, if you want to learn how to use cheat codes before you ever learn how to play a game, sure go ahead.

Xbox One X is the only wise choice right now and has literally no competition for the features you get and the price you pay. I'm sure you want to spend your holidays having fun, not crying in bed regretting your purchase.
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On it's face, yes, if you have a TV set of the quality of a Vizio PQ, the Xbox One X is worth it, especially if you don't also own a 4K blue ray player. However, X Box 2 Scarlette is likely going to be shown at E3 2019 and out by early/mid 2020. The question is would you have buyer's regret when the next device is giving true 60 FPS in 4K at 120Hz on the newest TVs. At this point in time, we are about a year from the next major XboX release and then PS5 is a year later in 2021. I'd go ahead and buy now if you have the moey and a good TV set as life is too short to wait for everything or you could wait forever.

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If you have a good 4k TV then go for it. You'll be pleased. However, if you run surround sound you'll also need a.4k capable AVR. And don't forget 4k HDMI cables (the XBX comes with one... they're not expensive, but they are different).
Regarding the future and buyers remorse... I see it the opposite way. I'd regret owning a 4k tv and NOT playing 4k games.
Also consider when the next gen comes, if it is 120 hZ refresh rate, THAT will also require a AVR upgrade for most users. Suddenly, the console itself seems like the least expensive part of the equation....

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Yes and yes. And if you have a display that supports Dolby Vision, even better. Cause X1X is the only gaming console to support DV. Lots of movies encoded with DV. And a handful of games is starting to come out with DV.
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I say yes, I went from a 70" 1080p sharp television playing my games with a ps4 pro, to a Samsung 82" Samsung nu8000 running an xbox one x. I can see a big difference, not just colors, resolution and overall picture quality but also in how the games run. the xbox one x and Samsung nu8000 combo is excellent, the Samsung has a lot of gamer specific features and the games play so smooth, like silk. When I run my xbox one x on my sony 45es projector which is an excellent projector, I can see the difference between 4k to 1080p easily, sharper, more detailed, more colorful...
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