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Originally Posted by niccolo View Post
I'm assuming you have a standard front projector, not a TV (or rear projection setup). If so, the blackest black your system can display is the color of your screen, when the room is as dark as it gets, minus any stray light that hits those areas, both directly from the projector and reflected from elsewhere. A white rear wall is going to reflect a lot of light. That said, a projector can look damn good even in a fully white room (that's otherwise light controlled). So it's really a question of how finicky you are about maximizing the black levels/contrast. And the dividends on your light control in your room will be higher for a higher-end, higher-contrast projector. If you are going to have some lighter walls, it seems to me the side walls may be better candidates for that than the back wall. Also, since you mentioned the possibility of colors other than off-white, be mindful that you can cast color onto your screen, e.g. a green or blue (or orange) can reflect a surprising amount of colored light in the direction of your screen.
good info thx Nic

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What would I do different?

I will tell you...

I would hide this forum from myself so I stop spending so much $ and time perfecting the untamable for standard hardwood floor family living room environments.

Oh yeah, and after selecting the best possible room in my home, I would focus more on LCR drivers, sensitivity, size, and placement vs trying to understand if the $300 Ultimax 18" Marty Subwoofer is worth spending the extra moolah vs the $99 18" VBSS builds.

The room is sooooo important! The room I picked before I was injected with AVS truth fails the simple clap test miserably.

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Bedroom Audio Finished: 2 x Dayton PA310-8 @70 Watts ran by a SPA250DSP Plate Amplifier. 75 Watt Onkyo Receiver with 7 MartinLogan MLT-2 Fronts & Surrounds.
Living Room Audio in Progress: 1 Behringer NX6000D feeding 5 18's, 4 PA460-8 VBSS build & 1 Ultimax UM18-22 Full Marty. 100 Watt Sony Receiver with 3 horizontal (center layout) 1099s and 2 MartinLogan MLT-2 Surrounds.
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Next time i will read more cult infinite baffle forum plus more acoustics books as its is far cheaper than trying to assume know but then finding out my uber project fails bad.

Ie built concrete ib project and avs forum was kicker car subwoofers are a fails
Yup and six blown subwoofers later arrogant me listen to avs forum and i learn that ib is fi car audio ib 318 v2 subwoofers
Dumb me listen so thanks avs forum for telling me about going ib 318 v2 subwoofers

DIY beats store purchased.
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